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  • Lives in: Chengdu
Zheng Delong (b. 1976) was born in Chengdu, Sichuan Province. He is stands out among his art academy-educated peers for having no formal training in art. Early interest in the arts, along with encouragement from his father, prompted him to establish his own studio in the '90s, and his output and exhibition schedule have increased steadily since then. Zheng Delong's technical skills rival those of his contemporaries, and he employs them in the depiction of liquified neon skulls, dogs, and other figural subjects. Zheng uses an expressive, swirling mixture of color and form to create chilling portraits of organic energy.


My works do not reference any reality-based values, they refer only themselves. I use flowing lines and deliberate, controlled strokes to construct a world of the id. Living is a form of euphoria; the moments leaving and returning to consciousness stir up a wave of forms, billowing with all of life’s power and intoxication.


1976Born in Chengdu, China
Solo Exhibitions
2011Solo Exhibition, A2Z Art Gallery,Paris,France
2010Solo Exhibition, Beijing Space, Beijing
2008Solo Exhibition, Gallery Hakgojae, Seoul, Korea
Solo exhibition, Eslite Xin-Yi Store, Taipei, Taiwan
Solo exhibition, Han Jiyun Contemporary Space, Beijing
2007 “Collision”, Vanessa Art Link, Jakarta, Indonesia
2006 “Vigor”, Olyvia Oriental, London, UK
“Onflow”, Soobin Gallery, Singapore
“Melt”, 1918 Art Space, Shanghai
Group Exhibitions
2010“Lost world” 1918 Art Space, Shanghai
“Asia”Andrew James Art, Shanghai
“Visible Part”, Chengdu
2009“Dialogue of Contemporary Art between Chengdu & Qingdao”, Chengdu
“Tribe”, Songzhuang Art Center, Beijing
“Pole Extension”, Qisheng Art Center, Chengdu
CIGE, Beijing
2008“Lovely Blossoms and Full Moon”, Jakarta, Indonesia
“Crossroads”, Opera gallery, Singapore
“Asian Contemporary Art”, Salzburg, Austria
Seoul International Art Fair, Seoul, Korea
Taipei International Art Fair, Taipei, Taiwan
Shanghai International Art Fair, Shanghai
"Go Game, Beijing", German Embassy, Beijing
“Love3"- New Media Art, Chengdu
“Art Basel”, Switzerland
“CIGE”, Beijing
2007“Three Language Three Colors”, UM Gallery, Seoul, Korea
“Art Miami - contemporary art and design”, Palm Beach, USA
“The Conquerors from Asia”, Opera Gallery, Hong Kong
ART Singapore, Singapore
The International Art + Design Fair, New York, USA
The International Asian Art Fair, New York, USA
Korea International Art Fair, Seoul, Korea
Taipei International Art Fair, Taipei, Taiwan
Guizhou Biennial, Guizhou
2006“Made in China”, Opera Gallery, London, UK
Asia Art Exhibition, London, UK
Art London, London, UK
“Course Rest”, 1918 Art Space, Shanghai
“Tempt”, Olyvia Oriental, London, UK
“Flesh spirit”, 1918 Art Space, Shanghai, China
“Seven Artists in Sichuan”, Aomei Art Space, Beijing
ARCO, Madrid, Spain
2005ART Singapore, Singapore
2004“Ten Artists in Chengdu”, Shanghai
2003“Multi-angle of view”, Shanghai
“Canvas exhibition in Chengdu”, Chengdu


  • 2008-11
  • $35.00
  • 2009-06
  • $35.00
  • 2009-07
  • $35.00