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  • Lives in: Chongqing
Huang Yuncan (b. 1982) graduated from the oil painting department at the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute in 2005, and continued her graduate studies until 2008. She has participated in group exhibitions in many of China’s major cities, including Hangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong.

The series New Youth depicts an experience of youth that is unprecedented China, and is a result of the country’s new material wealth. She portrays her subjects looking carefree and trendy, but at the same time self-conscious – capturing the awkwardness and uncertainty that accompanies the transition from adolescence to adulthood.

Her characters exist in neutral fields without context. This could suggest the uncertainty of youth, or possibly the lack of fixed references in China’s rapidly changing conditions.

Huang’s images are presented as animated but imprecise recollections with floating spots that coalesce into figures and interactions. The tenuous bonds between the spots threaten to dissipate at any moment, imitating the brevity of youth and the fragility of the mind’s eye.


Memories of youth are a theme in my work; the hazy blizzard-like texture aims to recreate the there-but-not-there effect of recollection. I find inspiration in both my own experiences and those of people around me. Each person will have their own understanding of an artwork; a good piece of art will arouse an feeling or memory without using words.


Education Background
2005 Oil Painting Department of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute for four years.
2008Study in Oil Painting Department of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute as a postgraduate students at state expense.
2005 Attended the second China Art Triennial----" Archaeology in the Future .
2006Attended the 3rd joint exhibitions of works by postgraduate students in Oil Painting Department of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute.
won excellent achievement prize in China—Korea exhibition receiving 300 participants.
Attended "Fogyism and Innovation"----- joint exhibitions of the works by postgraduate students in China Fine Arts Institute and Sichuan Fine Arts Institute .
Attended -----The 14th joint exhibition of the works by students in Sichuan Fine Arts Institute.
2007Attended the Invitational Exhibition of the postgraduate students in Sichuan Fine Arts Institute.
Attended " Ten years anniversary of Chongqing as amunicipality directly under the Central Government "------first Exhibition of works by postgraduate students in Chongqing( Provin cial art exhibition) and won the excellent achievement prize.
First exhibition of the Kunming Mayuan Art Co-operative-----.
"firewood senders "academic recommending exhibition ----Anniversary of Hangzhou DaHan Gallery.
Join the 8th China Art Festivals with the workand won the excellent achievement prize(Art exhibition of national grade).
join the 1st Creation Industry Week with work and Young Artist Art Exhibition(Provincial art exhibition).
2008Join the "Hotchpotch of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute" Exhibition in Beijing Today Art Gallery with work<"Who "Series>.
Paper was Published on No.747 P40(Serial Number:CN33-0071).
Join the"Her world"----exhibition of the works by woman artists with the work .
works < were published on No.2008.10 P74-76 (Serial Number:Yu 07-310).
Join "Reinterpret the Contemporary Age"----exhibition of the works by Postgraduate students in Sichuan Fine Arts Institute and Guangzhou Fine Arts Institute.
paper was published on P 28-33 published by Art and Literature for the Masses Publishing House Issue No.:ISBN-80171-797-X.
"End of the world" ------Joint exhibition held to the topic of taking good care of our earth by the artists in Hangzhou DaHan Gallery.
2009 Works were taken to the"Our"Huangjueping Exhibition of the Year held by Art Digital Network.
Works were taken to "firewood senders "joint exhibition of oil painting works by young artists in Hangzhou DaHan Gallery.
2009 workswere chosen and sent to the National Fine Art Exhibition by Chongqing Art Gallery.
Workswere taken to the"BLOOM fragrance ----exhibition groups of the works by the contemporary artists.
workswas sent to and won a bronze medal .Work was selected.
Exhibitions in Beijing Season Gallery.
2010 Work Porsche- the overflowing colorful heart exhibition of the Fine art works.
Work in Huangjuepin "Our Exhibition" Going to be in the2011 Shanghai Fine Art Exhibition of the works by the Young Artists.


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