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GUO WEI | 郭伟

  • Lives in: Chengdu
Guo Wei (b. 1960) was born in Chengdu, Sichuan province, attending the Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts. He graduated from the woodcut department in 1989, and participated in many of the formative early group oil painting exhibitions at mainland institutions in the early '90s. Guo Wei is known for his consistent focus upon the individual, and many of his subjects are the youth that surround him. Although trained in woodcut, he is known for his use of the oil painting medium, often playing with the sculptural qualities of the form, such as in a recent show, “Fabrication,” in which the artist makes effectively makes cut-outs from acrylic canvases. Guo Wei's bold use of color reflects the vitality of his subjects, and spray-paint like effects give his works an urban feel. His works are often a document of the new individualism that monumental changes in Chinese society have given rise to.


For a long time, I have focused on the theme of human emotions. For one person to truly understand another is like two flying bullets meeting in midair. The probability is very low. I want to capture this alienation and present it through my own perspective.


Solo Exhibitions:
2007“Suppositional Selfhood”, Museum of Renaissance Art, Singapore
2006LOFT Gallery, Paris, France
2005"Web Notes", Beijing Art Now Gallery, Beijing, China
2002"Works by Guo Wei", Gallery of Temporary Exhibitions-Casa Garden Orient Foundation, Macau
2001LIMN Gallery, San Francisco, USA
Frumkin Duval Gallery, Los Angeles, USA
2000LOFT Gallery, Paris, France
1990"Binding Up", Konggang No. 10 Gallery of Art, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Group Exhibitions:
2007"Made in China", Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Humlebæk, Denmark
"Guo Wei & Guo Jin: Figurative Possibilities", Goedhuis Contemporary, New York, USA
"From Figurative Image to New Painting", Tang Contemporary, Beijing, China
2006"Brothers", Cheng Xindong Contemporary Art Space, Beijing China
"Pay Attention to the Undercurrent", Robert & Li Art Gallery, Tainan, Taiwan
"The Naked Truth", Tang Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand
"Unclear and Clearness", Heyri Art Foundation, Seoul, South Korea
2005"Tribute to 85", Shanghai Duolin Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai, China
"Unspeakable Happiness - A Selection of Contemporary Art from China", Tamayo Museum of Contemporary Art, Mexico
"No Looking Back on Tomorrow", Guandu Gallery, Taibei, Taiwan
Chengdu Biennale, Chengdu Modern Art Gallery, Chengdu, China
"Dreaming of the Dragon's Nation: Contemporary Art from China", Irish Museum of Modern Art (IMMA), Dublin, Ireland
Biennale del'art Contemporain Chinois, Montpelier, France
Contemporary Chinese Art, Seoul Art Centre, Seoul, South Korea
"Webnotes", Beijing Art Now Gallery, Beijing, China
2004"Face to Face - Six Artists and One Time", Robert & Li Art Gallery, Tainan, Taiwan
"In Between", Tang Gallery , Bangkok, Thailand
"Living in Chengdu", Shenzhen Art Museum, Shenzhen, China
"So Near, So Far", Chinese Arts Centre, Manchester, UK
"Indoor With Mosquitoes and Moths", LOFT Gallery, Barcelona, Spain
"Shaping", Yibo Gallery, Shanghai, China
"4+1", Art Centre of Asia, Taipei, Taiwan
2003"L'Art Contemporain Chinois", Foundation Culturegest, Lisbonne
"From China with Art", Indonesia National Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia
"New Painting 2003", Yibo Gallery, Shanghai, China
2002"The Modernity of China", San Paulo, Mexico
"The Paintings of Guo Wei and Guo Jin", Goedhuis Contemporary , New York, USA
"Guo Jin and Guo Wei", Courtyard Gallery, Beijing, China
The lst Triennial of Chinese Art, Guangzhou Art Museum, Guangzhou, China
"Paris-Peking", Espace Pierre Cardin, Paris, France
2001"Next Generation Art - Contemporain D`Asie", Passage de Retz Cultural Center, Paris, China
The First Biennale of Chengdu, Modern Art Museum, Chengdu, China
"Guo Wei and Guo Jin", Chinese Contemporary Gallery, London, England
"Dream - 2001 Chinese Contemporary Art", Red House Foundation, London, England
2000Guo Wei and Guo Jin New Works, Courtyard Gallery, Beijing, China
"FUTURE", Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition, Macau
"Door of the Century", Modern Art Museum, Chengdu, China
1999"Represent the People", Newcastle, UK
14th Asian International Art Exhibition, Fukuoka Art Museum, Japan
"Art China!", Limn Gallery, San Francisco, USA
1998"Confused... Reckoning with the Future Contemporary Chinese", Canvas World Art - Serieuze Paintings and Photography, Amsterdam, Netherlands
"Guo Jin and Guo Wei", Flanders Contemporary Art, London, England
"The Guo Brothers", Soobin Art Gallery, Singapore
1997"East and East meets West", LIMN Gallery, San Francisco, USA
"China Now", Kulturprojekte, Basel, Switzerland
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1992"China's New Art Post-1989", Hong Kong
The First Beijing Oil Painting Biennale, China Fine Arts Gallery, Beijing, China
The Guangzhou Biennale: Oil Paintings from the 90's, Guangzhou, China