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GUO JIN | 郭晋

  • Lives in: Chongqing
Guo Jin (b. 1964) was born in Chengdu, in Sichuan Province, and attended the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, graduating from the oil painting department in 1990. His paintings frequently take children as his subject matter in a juxtaposition of youth with China's own development, and idealism lost. After graduating in the early '90s, he showed modestly within China, significantly in Guangzhou Biennale's 1992 oil painting exhibition, in which many of his Sichuan peers also showed works. Since then, as art institutions and infrastructure have grown within China, he has participated in an increasing number of shows, often with his brother, the artist Guo Wei. His bold use of color and skill at creating silk-screen-like texture in oil have garnered him the attention of many gallerists and collectors. He lives and works in Chongqing and Beijing.


Changes in our lives lead to dreams based on nostalgia, as opposed to a vision for the future. The backwards-looking nature of our ideals causes us to look at them as if they were a beautiful work of art. It is like living in a world intermingled with fantasy and reality. The past becomes our own fairytale, evoking a long-lost feeling of being alive. Although it is brief and illusory, this nostalgia drives people to constantly collect from the past, never realizing the beauty of true idealism.


1964Born in Chengdu
1990Bachelor's Degree in Oil Painting from the Sichuan Fine Arts Academy
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